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CARDS - Cash Advance and Reporting of Disbursements System
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Welcome to the Florida Department of Education's CARDS - Cash Advance and Reporting of Disbursements System. This system has been established to provide users with information on the financial status of projects which have been awarded Federal funds. The Florida Department of Education's Comptroller's Office serves the educational community by monitoring and reporting on the distribution and usage of projects funded through Federal grants. Our mission is to serve all our valued customers, both external and internal, by providing them with this web-based application through which they may request funds and report disbursements to the Florida Department of Education.

This application is to be used by authorized persons only. If you are an authorized CARDS system user, please log in by entering a valid CARDS user ID and password. Note that if you have a user ID for the mainframe Cash Advance application, it will not work in this new CARDS system.  Instead, you will need to use the "Request User ID" link on this page to register as a new CARDS user.  If you have any difficulty with this process, please contact the System Administrator.

You may use the links on the left to find information about US Department of Education, Project Application and Amendment Procedures for Federal and State Programs, Florida Bureau of Grants Management, and to access other related links.  After logging in, if you need assistance in navigating through the system, please follow the Help in each section.

This application is a "work in progress." We will be adding additional components to this website in the near future. We welcome your suggestions for improvement and for additional functionality.

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